Automatic Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine Inputting By Conveyor Belt-800

Plaats van herkomst Jiangsu, China
Merknaam YAOYU
Certificering CE
Modelnummer YY
Min. bestelaantal 1 set
Verpakking Details Houten kist
Levertijd 30 DAGEN
Betalingscondities TT50% VOORAF, 50% VÓÓR VERZENDING
Levering vermogen 100 sets per maand
Parameter Kan worden aangepast
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clicker cutting machine


leather clicking machine

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Automatic Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine Inputting By Conveyor Belt-800


Automatic Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine Inputting By Conveyor Belt-800 0





1.This machine adopts the computer control system, the touchscreen display screen, the operation is simple, quick and accurate.

2.Double oil cylinder, four-column automatic balance, connecting rod structure, four-corner gear dead device.Ensure that each cutting position is completely consistent on the conveyor belt.

3.It can automatically control the feeding device with single side or double side, which can increase the production efficiency of the whole machine by two to three times.

4.When the cutting plate is under pressure, the cutting blade is automatically cut, so that the cutting material has no size error at the top and bottom.

5.Special setting structure, with cutting knife and cutting height, make the adjustment simple and accurate.

6.The central automatic lubrication system ensures the precision of the machine and the machine durability.



This machine is suitable for foaming material, paperboard, textile, plastic material, leather, rubber, packing material, floor material, carpet, glass fiber, cork and other material knife cutting.




Brands Yaoyu Model number xclp3
Main motor power 5.5---15(kw) The cutting force 50---300(T)
The highest speed 200(mm/s) The minimum speed 180(mm/s)
The cutting area 4(mm2) Table size 1800(mm)
Upper pressure plate to table distance 200(mm) The range of stroke adjustment 180


Note:The company can customize the special specifications such as cutting zone, feeding mode (single, bilateral automatic feeding) according to customer's requirements.